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About Us

Templar Baker Group is your GPS for navigating politics and government on issues that affect your business.

When you need an experienced entrepreneur or CEO with a deep understanding of both government and politics to help your team navigate the straits between the private sector and government, TBG can lead the way.

Bobby Schostak’s Templar Baker Group can open the right doors, get the right people listening and ensure you get where you want to go. Bobby has been an entrepreneur, a CEO and a political leader. He’s worked with boards, senior executives, government officials, lobbyists, vendors, the media and the best advertising and messaging teams.

At TBG he’s built a team that can put all those skills to work for you. They know the political waters and government shoals that can threaten your business, and can strategically guide your team through them. They keep their eyes not only on your image and your message, but also on your investment.

Your Co-Captain at the Helm

There are times when every business enters unfamiliar waters that require an experienced navigator. Having TBG on board means you’ll be prepared not only for open water, but also for rough seas. Whether making decisions as CEO, or developing solid relationships as business and political leaders, Bobby Schostak and his TBG colleagues provide the direction your team needs.

TBG can help chart the best course to your destination. We can work with you to anticipate regulatory issues that might impact your business. We can help you decide proactively what you may need – lobbyists, a legal team, PR professionals – making tough, strategic decisions with you, to ensure safe passage. We have established relationships with the best in the business and know when and whom to call.

Templar Baker Group can ensure that all the coordinates are aligned for your business. We help assemble the team, think through your strategy, build a budget, seek the best in the industry at the right cost and follow through on all.

TBG can also align your philanthropic and political budgets with your overall goals. We can help you determine strategically whom and what to support, so your spending is consistent with your business and personal philosophy. We help ensure that your contributions make an impact when you most need it.